“State of the SNETT” report completed!

With the help of the National Park Service, the Friends of the SNETT has completed its trail-wide assessment of the condition of the SNETT in all six towns.



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  1. The “State of the SNETT” report has disappeared from the web site with the new format. Those referencing it need it back.

  2. Hello, I’d like to contact the admins of the Friends of the SNETT about getting involved to draw attention to the Uxbridge section of the trail. I would like to use this platform to connect with the folks in Uxbridge to draw attention to the ongoing construction work along the Blackstone Greenway and upcoming work by MassDOT connecting the fragmented section of the trail underneath/across Rt. 146. Thanks!

    • Hello Greg,
      Please contact the Friends of the SNETT by phone and we can discuss when the next meeting is. Please Bellingham, MA Planning Office at 508-657-2892.

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