Good News in Bellingham!

The SNETT from Center Street to Lake Street is done! The Bellingham DPW has completed their water line installation and has finished the trail to DCR standards and it looks wonderful! That section of the trail is 0.92 miles long and is finished with a compacted aggregate surface with a short paved section on each end. You can park on Center Street just north of Fox Run Road in the SNETT Parking lot. Lake Street also has four parking spots on the northerly side of the street just before you get to Cross Street. So get out and enjoy this beautiful section of trail and remember the fun continues through the winter as this is a great spot to snowshoe. Click on the pictures below to see some of the improvements.

Before & After 10.2015

State of the SNETT Trail Assessment Report

This is the final report on the 2013 RTP Grant that provided funding for the State of the SNETT Report and on-the-ground trail improvements in Douglas. Check it out! 2013 RTP Final Grant Report

“State of the SNETT” report completed!  State of the SNETT Report 11.8.2014

State of the SNETT – Appendix A Summary Map – Top Ten Opportunities and Challenges

State of the SNETT – Appendix B – Detailed Town Maps

State of the SNETT – Appendix C-Castle Hill Way Access Agreement

State of the SNETT – Appendix D – Route 146A Crossing – Preliminary Design

State of the SNETT – Appendix E Overview and Town Maps

State of the SNETT - Cover

With the help of the National Park Service, the Friends of the SNETT has completed its trail-wide assessment of the condition of the SNETT in all six towns.




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